Beverly Hills Chihuahua Belonging To Suri Cruise Is Missing


Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has lost her best friend.

Holmes and Suri recently moved to Los Angeles from New York. To make their new house seem like a home, the pair decided to adopt a dog from a rescue located in San Fernando Valley.

Suri, accompanied by her bodyguard, selected a 1-year-old female chihuahua as her companion and named her Maple. The amber-colored pooch is also called Honey.

After having their adopted family member for just a couple of weeks, the pup reportedly escaped through the front gates of a friend's house during a swim playdate. Honey hadn't been wearing her collar because she had been swimming as well. 

Holmes is offering a $1000 reward for the safe return of Honey. As many as 50 flyers were posted around the Beverly Hills neighborhood. 

We are honored that Honey is wearing our Flamingo Tank Dog Dress in her "Lost Dog" poster. 

The flyer says that Honey, aka Maple, was last seen at Benedict Canyon and Green Acres. She is only ten pounds and answers to both names. 

What's particularly troubling is that the area Honey escaped into has pockets of wilderness around it where coyotes are known to live. 

We pray for a quick reunion for Suri and her precious pup Honey. 

Update - Suri's dog, Honey Maple has been found safe and sound after three days!


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