Amazing Testimonials of the American River Ultra Choke-Free Harness


Doggie Design has a sole purpose -- complete dedication to formulating unique, fashionable and safe products for our precious pets. Due to the diligence of our designers, we've been able to produce quality, cutting-edge products that are so unique that we've patented several of them. 

This includes our stunning American River Ultra Choke-Free harnesses. This patented design surpasses other harnesses for several significant reasons:

  • Our design is trachea safe. The Choke-Free patented design distributes any pulling pressure over the chest, NOT the vulnerable neck area.
  • Patented Conforming Shape Fit Seam Technology. Our expert designers have developed a patented sewing technique that enables the harness to conform to virtually any dog's chest shape.
  • Patented Closure Slide Adjustability. Our 3-inch professional-grade webbing allows maximum sizing adjustability.(Other copy-cat harnesses have little or no size adjustment.)
  • Double D-Ring.  This feature adds strength and double protection against pulling for the ultimate safety and durability.
  • Matching trim binding. The edges of our mesh harnesses are coordinated to match the harness mesh for a smooth, stylish appearance.
  • Safe night walking reflective strips. Premium reflective materials are incorporated into the design for visibility at night or during low-light conditions.
  • Zig-zag trim binding stitch. This reinforcing sewing technique ensures there are no missed stitches while simultaneously enhancing the strength and durability of the harness.
  • Matching Soft Cushion Grip Nylon Dog Leashes (sold separately. Seamless style and comfort for humans!
  • Versatile safety. Our trachea-safe design and durability is uniquely suited for use as a seatbelt harness.
  • Double Safety Closure. Sturdy Velcro and high-strength plastic side release buckle. When paired with a leash, the Double D-rings provide an additional level of closure safety!
  • Easy to put on. Our simple "step in, wrap up and go" design takes the hassle out of putting the harness on.
  • Soft Mesh Polyester. Easy-care, breathable fabric. (Machine wash and line dry.)
  • Available in 10 vibrant colors: Red, Candy Pink, Black, Royal Blue, Beige, Paisley Purple, Apple Green, Light Blue, Green Plaid and Red Plaid.
  • Now available in extended sizes! Comfort and safety for dogs weighing from 1-90 pounds.

It's one thing for a company to tout the benefits of their products, but when customers can't stop talking about our patented design, we know we've got something special!

Here are just a few of the amazing testimonials of how the American River Ultra Choke-Free Harness has made a difference for our customers.

"We have a year old Yorkie Poo, 8 lbs, who pulled very hard on his regular collar every time we took him outside. Even choking wouldn't stop him from doing it. We went through 3 other harnesses before finding this one. It is the best invention ever! It is simple to put on and also attaches very well to his car seat restraint. He rarely pulls against this harness and we enjoy our daily walks much much more. Highly recommend." - Rebecca, Oregon City, OR

"I have a Chihuahua that was escaping from every harness I put him in, this harness has been the only one he hasn't been able to escape.....Thank you so much!!!!" - Angela Janisse, Novi, MI

"I have bought many many harnesses for my dogs trying to find just the right fit (seriously, at least 10 different styles over their lifetimes so far) - and this is the absolutely best I've found! It really is choke free, the adjustable velcro fit is great, it's easy to get on and off, it doesn't pull on their legs like I feared it would, and they can't sneak out of it like they have with other harnesses. It's great - and perfect for use in their doggie car seats as well!! Thanks so much for such a great product!!" - Jennifer, Madison, WI  

"I ordered two of these harnesses for my Yorkies. They are wonderful. They are very easy to put on my boys and they perform the function I wanted them for immediately. Both of my dogs were choking themselves by pulling on the leash with their collar on. They were beginning to show signs of harm to their throats. I looked for these harnesses and only found them on your site. I am very pleased with harnesses and my boys seem to enjoy wearing their new "jackets." I would recommend them to anyone who is experiencing the choking problem or just to have the ease of use. They are a charm. Puddin and Tripper say, 'Thank you.'" - J A Gutchen, Royersford, PA

"I bought 4 harnesses, 3 mediums and 1 small for Border Terriers and a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund. They fit well, do not constrict the neck area, and are easy to put on and take off. We are using them for competitive K-9 Nosework classes and trials. When the harnesses go on, the dogs know they are working." - Donna, Damariscotta, ME

"It works great. Sizing is tricky for my dog since he's between a medium and a large, but the medium is working well. It's totally different walking my dog with the harness from walking him with a collar. Another dog owner had recommended the product, and I'm very happy with it." - Elizabeth Curtin, Salisbury, MD

"We searched high and low for a dog harness that my yorkie would approve of. Every harness we tried from the pet store, either didn't fit, or she wouldn't move in it because she was uncomfortable. This one fits her perfectly, and she acts completely normal wearing it on her walks. I also love that it has 3 ways of securing itself on her, so it would be very difficult for her to become free from it. There is velcro, a clip, and the two rings where the leash snaps on provide another way of securing it. I really love this harness, I'm so pleased. I know it will become dirty and gross after the snowy winter ahead so I definitely plan on purchasing a nice new one for spring. I highly recommend this for small dogs." - Jessica, North Haven, CT

"The vest is lightweight, but well made with quality materials. A 100 percent improvement over the ones being sold on tv. I ordered the small based on my 4 lb dogs girth. It's a bit too large, but I am keeping it, as it will slip over her winter clothes easier. I love the pink mesh." - Shirley, Camden, DE

"I ordered the Ultra USA Choke-Free Harness from you and absolutely love it. Most people who advertise choke free, don't necessarily make them that way, but you do. Thank you for a safe way to be able to walk my little tugger without choking. Love it!" - Diana Henderson, Bronx, NY

We want to thank our customers for their glowing feedback on our patented American River Ultra Choke-Free harness. With our new extended sizes, we're looking forward to hearing from customers with large-breed dogs as well!

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