A Closer Look at the American River Harness


Our American River choke-free harness is one of the most popular and unique items we offer! Like our Ultra USA Choke-Free harness, it is trachea-safe and pulls from the chest and not the neck, but the American River has a few aesthetic and cosmetic changes that set it apart.

Safety and Comfort

Our patented design is choke-free and comfortable, protecting the trachea and neck area. The harness pulls from the chest only, and no stress is placed on the neck or throat. It is also made to fit and conform to your dog's body and chest curve, resulting in a sightly and safe fit. The Velcro allows for a small amount of adjustability as well, making this harness perfect for your dog no matter what size. The plastic quick-release buckle has can slide up and down the nylon strips on the back in order to adjust the fit as needed. The harness has a double closure--strong Velcro as well as a plastic quick release buckle. There is a double D-ring as well, and the nylon straps attached to the D-rings have double-reinforced stitching.

The mesh is soft, padded, and breathable, complete with reflective strips on the front, where your dog's shoulders would be, so you and your dog can be safe while walking at night. You can even use this harness easily as a seat belt harness in your car, as it is comfortable, form-fitting, and it easily attaches to a car or seat belt restraint.

Quality, Durability, & Variety

The outside stitching is zig-zagged, which prevents missed stitching and creates a very strong bond between the fabrics. Even with strong pullers, this harness will hold up well, as it can withstand the force, and it doesn't put any pressure on the neck or throat. The mesh is a strong polyester that can be machine washed and line dried. The double D-ring makes for an easy and secure leash attachment. The Velcro straps are strong, making it harder for your dog to pull out of the harness. The D-rings are attached to durable nylon straps that are sewn onto the harness with double-reinforced stitching. As mentioned above this harness also has two closures: the Velcro is coupled with a plastic quick-release buckle.

The American River harnesses come in a variety of bright fun colors, too: red, honeysuckle pink, black, royal blue, beige, paisley purple, candy pink, light blue, and apple green. If you're into prints, we've got you covered as well, with our new spring patterns of red & turquoise plaid, green and turquoise plaid, or try our skull & crossbones print for the "ruff and tuff" look. For the more wintery months, we also have minky fur lined American River harnesses that feature a irresistibly soft minky fur lining, a soft padding, and a super soft suede exterior. All of our American River styles feature the rubber designer Doggie Design logo!

We now offer it in a sizes XXS through XXL, so no matter what size that your dog is, we have the perfect size!

Easy On and Easy Off

The step-in style of the American River harness makes it effortless for you to put on your dog. Simply step your dog's legs into the leg holes and pull the harness up, fastening the Velcro on the back. Then, fasten the quick release buckle, and you're ready to go! To take it off, simply unhook the buckle, unfasten the Velcro, and let your dog step out.

Matching Leashes

What's a a harness without a matching leash to go with it? We have some great matching leashes complete with comfortable cushion-grip handles that go with the solid color mesh American River harnesses.

Raving Reviews!

Customers love our American River harness! Here's some feedback!

"This harness is great. I have a chihuahua named Chyna. She did not like the harness she had to wear. I ordered this harness, and she loves it! She steps right into it. It is so easy to put on, and the quality is so good. I had looked at many pet stores and couldn't find any harness comparable to this one. I am very pleased with this product." -Brenda S

"This is the best halter for walking your dog. My dog pulls and pulls against this halter, but it never strangles her or hurts her back. My dog is comfortable wearing this attractive halter and I'm comfortable knowing she is safe and happy." - Lynne S

"I love this harness! It works great and is made very well." -Donna L

"These are great for dogs who do well with over the head harnesses. I loved the neutral color of the beige!" -Marie G

"This particular harness looks adorable, exactly like the picture, not flimsy as I was worried, but cute and adorable." - Brenda A

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